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Producer (Film/Television/Video)


Producers work behind the scenes to get a movie made. They can be involved in every stage of the creative process and often choose or come up with an idea for a film or television programme. They may also put together a team to create the film/show and supervise the project to ensure that it is carried out in time and on budget. Therefore, successful producers are fantastic organisers and have an in-depth understanding of the financial and organisational aspects of making films and TV shows, and how to market them.

Before a film or TV show can be made, a producer meets with the writers to develop ideas for the script, and once the script is finished they purchase the legal rights to the work. Then, they meet with investors and procure finding for the project. Once they have funding, the producer works out a budget for the production, as well as a schedule to make sure that the film or TV show is made on time – as they say in Hollywood, “time is money!” Now, the producer works on hiring the cast and crew, and overseeing the locations, advertising and promotion of the production.

As you can see, the role of producer is very diverse and there are a lot of responsibilities. For this reason, it is not uncommon for these responsibilities to be distributed among several different types of producers, especially for large productions.