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To become a police officer you need to complete the police training course, which involves 19 weeks of training at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua; two years of supervised frontline police work, during which you undertake a series of workplace assessments; and a compulsory university distance learning course.

During the 19 weeks at Police College, recruits will study, learn and experience skills required of frontline policing, including: defensive tactics, how to apply the law, firearms training and defensive driving.

Once the Police College-based training is complete, there are ongoing study modules during the two year probationary period with opportunities available for tertiary level courses. To move up the ranks police officers also need to pass a number of assessments and attend courses.

Police Officers are also required to maintain skills and qualifications including first aid, firearms training and pass a physical competency fitness test every two years.

Police Officers are also able to extend their training and take up posts throughout the country as well as opportunities for international deployments such as the Solomon Islands.