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Police Officers are essential to the community. If you are interested in a career that gives back, consider a career in the Police Force.
Police Officer

Police officers keep law and order in the community. They work to prevent and solve crime, keep the peace and respond to criminal activities and emergencies. They patrol selected areas on foot or by car and help people in a wide range of emergencies. Often they investigate crimes, domestic disturbances, serious crashes and sudden deaths, interviewing people and taking statements. They search for and arrest suspected criminals and deal with people from a wide variety of backgrounds on a daily basis. They need to be quick thinkers and also physically fit, healthy and strong to deal with any situation that arises. Their work can be dangerous as they are dealing with people who may have broken the law or who could be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and other substances. They need to be firm and fair and to understand how the law works. Police officers are important people in the community, so they need to have good character and an excellent work ethic. They also need to be able to work as part of a team and to make good decisions with a clear head, thinking through the consequences. They need to show compassion for people in various circumstances, but still uphold the law. It is their job to make victims feel safe and secure and follow every possible channel to help them in their situation.

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