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Dreamed of soaring through the sky? Have a passion for aircraft? Then becoming an pilot could be for you.

A career as a pilot is one that is exciting, full of amazing opportunities and something that many people dream about. You could make it a reality. There are several different areas that you can specialise in, each with their own perks.

Today's airline pilots are often referred to as flight deck managers, a description that reflects their demanding, multifaceted role. From commercial considerations to crew and passenger demands, or weather and air traffic disruptions, today's modern pilot needs the ability to manage all of these issues in addition to demonstrating well-honed flying skills and possessing an in-depth knowledge of modern aircraft systems.

Aeroplane Pilot

Put simply an aeroplane pilot is the person in charge of flying an aeroplane from one destination to another or in order to carry out certain activities. Pilots can fly big planes (such as large jumbo jets) or small planes and carry anything from people and luggage to mail. However, being an aeroplane pilot does not involve just flying a plane; there are large amounts of work to do before a flight and well as after landing. For example, preparing and checking flight plans, conducting pre-flight checks such as weather forecasts and plane load, liaising with air traffic control and calculating the amount of fuel needed for flights.

Agricultural Pilot

Agricultural pilots fly specially designed aircrafts to apply herbicides, insecticides, seeds and fertilizers on crops, orchards, forests, fields, and swamps. Some flights require aerial surveys of cattle and crops or fighting forest fires by dumping fire retardant materials.

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter pilots fly helicopters carrying people or cargo. As with aeroplane and agricultural pilots, helicopter pilots are responsible for preparing and checking flight plans, conducting pre-flight checks and calculating the amount of fuel needed for flights. However, they often have the added responsibility of providing commentary to tourists, especially when operating scenic flights.

Harbour Pilot

Harbour pilots guide ships in and out of harbours and through dangerous or difficult waterways.

Medium_mt229038 Sheryl Jones
Aeroplane Pilot

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