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Physiotherapists may do some or all of the following

  • assess and diagnose patients' injuries or functional problems
  • identify problems and decide on treatment to provide
  • use a range of treatments to reduce pain and improve movement
  • plan exercises for patients to improve their strength and fitness
  • keep records of patients' progress
  • educate people on how to prevent further injury
  • help rehabilitate people who have suffered from strokes and accidents
  • educate caregivers and family about the patient's physiotherapy programme
  • run a business (if self-employed).

Physiotherapists need to have

  • knowledge of physiotherapy methods and equipment 
  • a detailed knowledge of the biomedical sciences, including anatomy, physiology and pathology 
  • an understanding of movement, injuries and disabilities 
  • skill in performing mobilisation, exercise, movement retraining, manipulation and massage techniques 
  • general knowledge of any medical conditions that may affect the treatment given 
  • planning and organisational ability.

Physiotherapists must be

  • supportive and positive
  • able to gain people's trust
  • persuasive and persistent
  • good listeners
  • able to understand and appreciate other cultures.