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Payroll Officer » Overview

Money, dollars, dosh, dough, moolah. If you like it, want to be in charge of it and work with it every day, then being a payroll officer is where it’s at. Pretty much everyone works to get paid, and that’s where you come in.
Payroll Officer

As a payroll officer you calculate and arrange the payment of staff salaries and wages, which may sound simple and straight forward – but nothing is simple when it comes to money.

For a big organisation, figuring out every employee’s salary on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis can be a complicated and challenging responsibility, and you must be 100% accurate every time.

Payroll officers need to be detail orientated, efficient and excellent with numbers and all the inner complex workings of the payroll system. People don’t just get paid their hourly rate times how many hours they worked – so many things need to be accounted for, from income tax to ACC levies, sick leave to annual leave, and many other varying factors. And getting this correct can be a time consuming process requiring concentration and patience.

One of the utmost responsibilities of a payroll officer is to understand how confidential the information in their job is. Salaries are very private agreements between an individual staff member, their manager and the head of an organisation. And while you will become friends with colleagues with whom you work, you can’t share this type of information with anyone.