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Orchard Manager

Orchard managers plan and manage the growing of fruit in orchards. Regardless of what an orchard produces, it requires a lot of work and planning. Orchard managers are involved in everything from the purchasing of the land and the planting of trees, to tending the crop and harvesting and selling the fruit. It is their responsibility to ensure that all the steps that go into producing a crop is carried out effectively and efficiently.

When a piece of land is bought, the orchard manger may arrange testing of the soil to evaluate the soil nutrients and create a plan for what will be planted where. They must know what plants grow well in the area, and have an idea for what products are in demand.

Once trees are planted, the orchard manager is responsible for their care, which involves fertilizing and treating the crop with insecticides (or through other means in the case of organic orchards). They have to be able to diagnose and treat a diseased tree and have a plan in place for disasters, like fires, hail or frost.

Once the fruit has grown, the orchard manager needs to organise people to harvest the fruit, keep track of the amount of fruit gathered, and find buyers for the crop. It is important that they keep track of the average size of the fruit, the age and condition of the trees and how much each type of tree produces and use this information to improve next year’s crop. 

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