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Officer - Specialist (Navy) » Overview

Develop your skills, build on your experience & provide guidance in military psychology, military law and organizational development.
Officer - Specialist (Navy)

Learning Development Officer

As a Learning Development Officer (LDO) in the RNZN your skills and experience in teaching, adult education, training development or organisational development will be valued.

You will support the development of the New Zealand Defence Force and its people; both at home and on deployment on military operations, it is an exciting and challenging role.

Legal Officer

As a Legal Officer, your career can vary greatly depending on what appointment you hold, but the principal areas in which you can practice are:

  • Military law
  • Administrative law
  • Military and civilian employment law
  • The law of armed conflict and other international and domestic law applicable to the operations of the Armed Forces
  • Human rights and privacy law
  • Contract law
  • Resource management law

From time to time you will be required to appear for the Crown in the Court Martial of New Zealand or other courts and tribunals, such as the Summary Appeal Court of New Zealand or a coroner’s inquest. There are periodic opportunities for exchanges with military lawyers in Australia, Canada and the UK, as well as occasional overseas training opportunities in areas such as the law of armed conflict.

The majority of your career as a Legal Officer will be spent in a tri-service environment. This means that Navy Legal Officers often do not spend very much of their careers at Devonport Naval Base and your work colleagues are as likely to be Army and Air Force personnel as Naval personnel.

Organisational Psychologist

As an Organisational Psychologist, your role in the RNZN is broad and varied. Although you serve mostly ashore, but may be required to go to sea as required and deploy to other land based missions – often overseas. Your role is demanding yet fulfilling and provides exposure to a number of areas within the disciplines of organisational and military psychology. Navy Psychologists are regularly involved in challenging professional tasks within the New Zealand Defence Force that require psychological knowledge and expertise.

You need to have a Masters Degree in Psychology before applying, and you may be funded to become a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society and an appropriate professional body of your choice to ensure your specialised skills remain current. There is also support to continue studying through education assistance that helps financially with fees for courses that are job related, and opportunities to continue to develop your knowledge through a variety of conferences and workshops. The process to becoming a registered Psychologist takes approximately 14 months.

If already registered, you will be introduced to the role of an RNZN psychologist through a series of projects relevant to the Defence Force. If unregistered, the Navy will finance and supervise you through your journey to become a NZ registered psychologist.


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