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Officer - Specialist (Army) » Overview

Develop your expertise as a leader in army by providing psychological, legal or education guidance.
Officer - Specialist (Army)

Army Officer^

Officers are the leaders of the New Zealand Army. They are the managers and strategists. Their decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities enable them to plan and execute tasks in wide-ranging conditions. It is their job to earn trust and respect, and to display the strength of character to inspire their soldiers in potentially difficult situations.

After completing Officer training, you will join a corps, specialising in combat, engineering, intelligence, communications or logistics.

Field Psychologist

Psychologists in the New Zealand Army provide psychological services, advice and research to all levels of the organisation.

The work encompasses most facets of industrial/organisational psychology and as such, the Army Psychology Service offers an unparalleled opportunity for graduates to gain a broad range of experience in a professional and “user friendly” environment.

Learning Development Officer

As a Learning Development Officer (LDO) in the NZ Army your skills and experience in teaching, adult education, training development or organisational development will be valued.

You will support the development of the New Zealand Defence Force and its people; both at home and on deployment on military operations, it is an exciting and challenging role.

Legal Adviser

Legal Advisors (LEGADs) in the New Zealand Army work in what could be best described as a “Specialised General Practice”.


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^NZDF typically require a number of quality applicants for this trade on a regular basis.