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Oceanographers are trained scientists who study the physical properties and processes of oceans. They may be interested in the chemical composition of ocean water samples or investigate physical changes in tides and currents. Others may track the movement of minerals and sediments and analyse seismic activity. Others still may survey the ocean floors.

Oceanographers can find employment within private or government funded research institutions, universities, or environmental organisations.

Oceanographers tend to specialise in a certain area, such as chemical, physical or geological oceanography. Thus, the day-to-day responsibilities and duties of an oceanographer vary. Chemical oceanographers collect and analyse samples of water, sediments and marine plants to understand their chemical structures and the effects of pollution on their composition. Physical oceanographers are interested in the visible makeup of ocean sediments, changes in tides and pressure and the effects of natural processes. This information might be used to predict earthquakes and tidal activity. Finally, geological oceanographers specialise in mapping seafloors.

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