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Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector that focuses on the care of individuals, families and communities. Nursing includes a wide range of specialities, some of which are covered below

Hospital Nurse

Hospital nurses assess, treat, care for and support patients in hospitals, outreach services, clinics and residential care facilities.

District Nurse

District nurses provide nursing care and treatment to patients in their homes. They assess the needs of the patient and liaise with hospital doctors, general practitioners (GPs) and community groups who provide patient support.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners promote health, assess, diagnose and treat patients, and help them manage their health needs. Some may choose to prescribe medicines.

Plunket Nurse

Plunket nurses provide support to parents on childcare and parenting, and regularly assess the health and development of children from birth up to the age of five.

Practice Nurse

Practice nurses provide health assessments, treatment, care and information for patients.

Public Health Nurse

Public health nurses carry out health education, promotion and assessment, and disease prevention activities in schools and the community.


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