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Musicians may do some or all of the following

  • study and interpret music
  • play a musical instrument  or sing to a high standard
  • accompany singers and other soloists
  • compose or conduct songs or instrumental music
  • perform in public places such as bars, concert halls and clubs
  • make or take part in recordings
  • teach music
  • advertise themselves or their band
  • research, learn and rehearse music.

Musicians need to have

  • basic music theory
  • a good musical ear and the ability to understand tuning
  • ability to play a musical instrument or sing to a high standard
  • an awareness of acoustics
  • rhythmic skills and timing
  • knowledge of breath support and good body posture techniques
  • improvisation and performance skills.

Musicians need to be

  • punctual and reliable
  • able to work well under pressure and accept criticism
  • able to work well in a team if rehearsing and performing with a group
  • dedicated to practicing
  • confident about performing in front of large groups
  • persistent and determined.