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Mining Engineer

Mining engineers plan, prepare, design and manage the development of opencast (above ground) or underground mines. They prepare designs, plans and schedules for mining operations and research and develop new mining methods and technology. Often they get the task of determining the equipment to be used to create/develop a mine and preparing reports on proposed mines. They may work indoors or outdoors and often in enclosed spaces underground or on sites. Their job involves a high level of training and practical skills, as well as a great deal of problem solving ability and technical knowledge.

Mining engineers work alongside miners, sit supervisors, other engineers and machine operators. They use specialist tools and equipment to do their tasks and sometimes they have to operate heavy machinery. Some design knowledge is also needed. Working in or around mines and other sites is very hazardous, so an understanding of health and safety is vital. Accuracy and an ability to think through consequences is also important when designing and putting together a mine, because people’s health and safety is at risk if anything goes wrong.