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Metallurgists are engineers who specialise in metals. They develop processes that produce or process metals, and give advice on their use, extraction, improvement, production, performance and the way they should be combined with other materials such as polymers or ceramics. They are highly trained and study the properties of metals and other materials. They develop and improve existing materials and develop new combinations of metals (alloy development) and create products that combine metals with other materials. Sometimes, they develop techniques to repair metal damage and they might advise engineers and manufacturers on industrial processes that use metals and the correct selection of metals for specific uses. Mainly, metallurgists work indoors in laboratories or workshops, but often they work outdoors on a variety of sites. They work alongside other engineers, supervisors and sometimes clients and scientists. They are good at analysis and reporting on their findings, so need a good grasp of English and the ability to follow a list of instructions. They may also act as independent experts for loss adjusters and insurance companies and write evidence briefs for litigation cases and appear as an expert witness in court.