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Medical Laboratory Scientist » Overview

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Medical laboratory scientists work in a team with pathologists and carry out laboratory tests on blood, tissues and other samples taken from patients. This involves working with samples to test for the presence of drugs, chemicals, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Someone who is employed as medical laboratory scientist typically works in a hospital or in a medical office, and their responsibilities will vary according to what area of medicine they specialise in. For example, they may specialise in diagnosing diseases, such as cancer, or conditions, such as diabetes.

In addition to performing tests, a medical laboratory scientist is usually also responsible for confirming that test results are accurate and confers with other medical professionals, such as doctors and surgeons. They are an important part of the medical team because their findings often help decide the treatment that a patient receives. This means that they must be very accurate, incorrect results could result in a patient receiving unnecessary or harmful treatment.