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Mediator/Arbitrator » Overview

Think of yourself as a keeper of the peace? How about trying out your skills in a professional context?

Mediators help to resolve disputes between conflicting parties by helping them to reach an agreement without the need to go to court. Arbitrators settle disputes by considering the information provided by the parties and making a binding decision.

Both mediators and arbitrators set up appointments for parties to meet. They then listen to, and talk with the disputing parties to help them understand the situation from all perspectives. They also speak to parties individually.

Mediators and arbitrators work alongside the community, social services, as well as the whanau, caregivers and family of their clients to get the best help for them. They are excellent communicators and also good at thinking through problems and coming up with the best solutions for everyone. They need discretion and they also need to be non-judgmental as many cases they deal with are sensitive. Clients will come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures so they need to be aware of their different needs.