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Massage Therapist

Massage therapists manipulate the soft tissue of people's bodies to treat a variety of ailments, and to help people relax. People have been performing massage to heal and relax for thousands of years. Several cultures have developed their own branches of massage therapy, such as the Hawaiians with lomi lomi massage and Shiatsu massage in Japan.

Massage therapists may choose to practice basic Swedish massage, or choose to train in a particular branch of massage. Specific branches of massage are often used a technique for holistic healing and are considered a form of natural health therapy. Therefore, trained massage therapists are expected to have in-depth knowledge of massage techniques, as well as the anatomy of the body. 

Medium_logo_sit_20logo_202 Chloe Jackson
Massage Student

As a busy mum, Chloe Jackson needed to find a career that fitted around her lifestyle.  Southern Institute of Technology’s Bachelor... read more »