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Marine Farming

Marine farming involves the cultivation of marine organisms for food and other products in the open ocean, an enclosed section of the ocean, or in tanks and ponds that are filled with seawater.


Marine Farm Supervisor

Marine farm supervisors oversee and manage small vessels and crew. They are responsible for growing and harvesting fish or shellfish in specially prepared areas.


Marine Farm Worker

Marine farm workers assist in operating marine or freshwater farms. This involves growing and harvesting fish, mussels, oysters or other shellfish in specially prepared areas.

Medium_sean_reid_marine_farm_supervisor Sean Reid
Marine Farm Supervisor

A year and a half ago, Sean Reid was working as a self-employed plasterer during winter, and shooting goats for the Department of Conservation... read more »

Medium_brandon_holt_marine_farm_worker Brandon Holt
Marine Farm Worker

On a typical day at the Marlborough Sounds salmon farm where he works, one of Brandon Holt’s first jobs is to check for seals in the fish... read more »

Medium_mt220620 Jade Anderson
Marine Farm Worker

The last thing Jade Anderson expected when he started his job as a marine farm worker five years ago was to win a Young Achievers Award. "I... read more »