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Marine biologists may do some or all of the following

  • observe marine plants and animals in their natural environment
  • study the impact of pollution on marine life
  • identify, classify and preserve different types of marine life
  • estimate population growth and life expectancy
  • plan and run field studies and experiments
  • use computer modelling techniques to predict future events in the marine environment
  • report the results of their studies in papers for science journals and in commercial reports.

Freshwater biologists do similar work, except that they study plants and animals living in rivers, lakes and ponds.


Marine biologists need to have

  • knowledge of marine science, biology, and chemistry
  • research skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • planning and organisational skills
  • communication skills
  • writing skills, for writing reports and for publications
  • maths and computer skills.

Marine biologists need to be

  • enquiring
  • observant
  • motivated
  • persistent
  • patient.
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