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70 percent of Earth is covered by Ocean, and we certainly don’t know everything there is to know about all the life and animals living under the sea. Marine biologists play an important part of discovering and preserving all that our oceans have to offer.
Marine Biologist

New Zealand is surrounded by ocean, but what’s in there? And what does it matter to the survival of us as humans, and the animals that call the ocean home?

In a broad sense, marine biologists study plants and animals that live in sea water, and their relationships with each other and their environment. But with such a varied amount of species and habitats, there are many specialisations and niche areas of research that can be undertaken by a marine biologist, making one individual biologist so very different from another. 

With the human population on the planet growing at an exponential rate, we can’t ignore the impact our life has on the environment around us. So for many marine biologists, while looking to understand why an animal does what it does, a big part of their job is seeking the answers to how humans are changing and interfering with ocean life.

Like most scientists, a lot of field work is required to observe plants and animals in their natural habitat, but after capturing this information, it needs to be transferred into physical data that can be read and discussed. So for the time spent outdoors, there is a lot of time that needs to be spent in front of a computer writing out reports and findings.

For someone who is passionate about the environment, and water in particular, life as a marine biologist could be an extremely happy and satisfying one. It isn’t a regular 8 to 5 office job, so a flexible lifestyle is paramount, but when thinking about all that is still to be discovered in the oceans of Planet Earth, it will be worth it.   

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