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Lighting Technician

Lighting technicians set up and operate lamps and other lighting equipment to provide light and special lighting effects in theatres, at events, and for film and television productions. Lighting technicians work very closely with directors and art directors to create the appropriate look and mood for a scene or shot. For this reason, it is important the lighting technicians have excellent communication skills, as well a technical knowledge and capabilities.

As a lighting technician you will spend most of your time setting up, repairing and dismantling lighting arrays, as well as the computer and electronic systems that are used to control them. Their responsibilities mean lighting technicians keep very long hours because they arrive on set/stage before everyone else to set up lighting systems, and have to stay behind after everyone else has left to dismantle the systems.

Lighting technicians are either employed by production companies, or work as freelance contractors. However, the television, film and theatre industries are difficult to break into. Projects tend to run on a tight schedule, and directors and artistic directors often choose to work with people that they have had prior experience working with.