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Licensed auctioneers may do some or all of the following

  • inspect goods for auction and estimate their value
  • keep a database of goods for auction
  • arrange the place, date and advertising for an auction, and create and distribute auction catalogues
  • group items into lots for sale, and decide what order lots will be sold at the auction
  • provide information on goods to buyers
  • call for bids and look for bidding signals
  • help arrange finance for payment of goods or insurance
  • keep a record of sales.

Licensed auctioneers need to have

  • knowledge of auctioneering
  • knowledge of the details of the products they are selling
  • knowledge of product trends and their market values 
  • understanding of the Auctioneers' Act and other relevant legislation
  • excellent public speaking and communication skills, and the ability to keep the auction flowing
  • sales skills
  • good numerical skills
  • writing skills for producing catalogues
  • organisational and decision-making skills.

Licensed auctioneers need to be

  • confident and able to hold people's attention
  • observant, with a good memory 
  • persuasive and persistent 
  • able to work well under pressure and think quickly 
  • patient and willing to learn 
  • trustworthy with a good level of initiative.