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Librarians collect, organise and look after library materials, and make them available to library users. They may also answer specific requests for information. Librarians are passionate about knowledge and learning, and are also passionate about sharing access to this information with others. Librarians are also able to think about information in unique ways, teasing out information about a subject from various media. Successful librarians are flexible and comfortable with a wide range of media. They are also good communicators and work with a range of individuals to help them research topics and find the information that they need.

There are several types of librarian, those who work with children or in public libraries, academic librarians at university level, and special librarians who handle certain collections such as law libraries and medical libraries. The responsibilities of a librarian vary depending on the needs of the library at which they are employed. However, librarians are typically responsible for operations within the library and helping people find the resources that they need. This can involve placing orders for supplies required by the library, assisting with research, developing and giving library tours and lessons, organizing and restocking shelves, and inter-loaning books from other libraries.