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Land surveyors may do some or all of the following

  • discuss surveying or land development projects with clients, local authorities, other professionals or local iwi
  • advise on and manage land development projects
  • ensure project proposals comply with council district plans and liaise with council to deal with any issues
  • measure land features using survey equipment
  • carry out land title surveys and set out boundaries
  • legally certify land titles and boundaries
  • prepare maps, plans and charts to give pictorial representations of the land
  • prepare resource consent applications, including environmental impact assessments
  • do engineering, mining and tunnelling surveys
  • prepare engineering construction drawings
  • use basic computer-aided design software to create designs
  • map out location and design of structures such as new roads and pipelines
  • check the accuracy of records and measurements
  • write reports and letters to clients and council.

Land surveyors need to have

  • the ability to interpret and use land-based information from maps, graphic drawings and measurements taken in the field
  • knowledge of survey methods
  • knowledge of physics and maths, particularly trigonometry
  • computer skills and the ability to use computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • good general knowledge of environmental issues, earth sciences and civil engineering
  • understanding of issues such as land rights, land ownership and boundary definitions
  • understanding of relevant legislation such as the Resource Management Act, local by-laws and town planning regulations
  • skill using surveying equipment
  • communication skills
  • writing skills for producing reports
  • problem-solving skills
  • planning and organisational skills
  • design skills.

Land surveyors need to be

  • creative and able to visualise how a piece of land could be developed
  • adaptable, as they may work on different types of projects
  • able to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • keen on the outdoors
  • practical and impartial
  • methodical and precise when taking measurements.