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Not keen on spending all your working life in an office? Interested in maps, geography and the world around you? Then becoming a Land Surveyor should be in direct sight for your future.
Land Surveyor

Land surveyors map the Earth's surface to determine boundaries, locations, topographic features and man-made structures. They are interested in completely and accurately translating what is in the paper world to the real world situation.

Even though you will often find a land surveyor outside with their measuring instruments, they must often do a considerable mount of research before they get out into the field and do surveys. For example, they must determine exact property boundaries, especially when working on projects such as a road – getting the boundaries even slightly wrong will alter the course of the route.

As well as determining boundaries, land surveyors also must determine whom elevation changes and other physical features of property.

Once land surveying is complete, they make a report detailing their findings and send this to the interested parties who use this information in their own work.