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Journalists research and write stories about events and topics of interest. These are published in newspapers, magazines or on websites, or are presented on the radio or television. As you can see, journalist jobs span across a wide range of industries, and the knowledge required to be a successful journalist really depends on the area that you choose to specialise in. For example, being a music journalist requires a different knowledge base than that for a fashion journalist or travel journalist. 

Medium_logo_sit_20logo_202 Olivia Taylor-Peebles
Journalism Student

With a strong interest in English based subjects at School, Australian Citizen Olivia Taylor-Peebles eventually decided upon Journalism as her... read more »

Medium_logo_sit_20logo_202 Scott Eade
Journalism Student

 Southern Institute of Technology Journalism graduate and professional rugby player Scott Eade chose SIT as his tertiary study destination,... read more »