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Jockeys ride racehorses at race meetings, trial meetings, jump outs and for track work. Jockeys are professional athletes who are typically self-employed and contracted by horse owners and trainers to ride in races. A jockey may employ an agent to negotiate the best mounts (horses) for them to ride. They often specialise in a particular type of racing, such as races of a particular length, or jumping. Jockeys are usually paid a fee for each horse they race, and typically receive a percentage of the winnings for placing first, second or third place in a race.

Horse racing jockeys need to be very strong and skilled; they control horses many times their size while manoeuvring at a high speed! They also need to develop racking strategies based on the horse. This involves talking with the trainers of the horses to learn about their behaviour and temperament, and assessing the racing records of the horses and jockeys they are racing.

One of the particular requirements of being a jockey is maintaining a low weight. Weights for jockeys vary by type of rang and tracks, although they are generally expected to weigh less than 54 kg. Those that exceed the maximum weight will not be hired.