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Jewellers design, make, alter and repair items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Their job is both creative and practical, involving working with small parts and materials and some chemicals. They work with specialised tools and equipment to craft jewellery for their customers.  Jewellers select the metals, gems and other materials and may cut, bend and shape the metal or making casting moulds out of plaster. They may be called upon to polish, fit or repair jewellery for customers or to serve customers in a shop, helping them select the right items. Knowledge of the weights and types of gems and stones is helpful, as jewellers may be called upon to give advice on these things. They may work indoors in a workshop or a retail shop. Some jewellers make one-off art pieces that are shown in galleries. Others work making mass-produced items for retail shops. Many engaged couples seek out a jeweller to make unique wedding rings for them.