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If you love the thrill of risk, but are also wary about where you put your money, a career in Investment Banking could be for you.
Investment Banker

If you’ve seen the Wolf of Wall Street you’ll have some insight into the fast paced, unpredictable, and adrenaline based world of Investment Banking. Although this is an extreme representation of the day-to-day life of most Investment Bankers, the movie shares many parallels to some of the circumstances this kind of career can lead to.  

A career in Investment Banking could mean a number of things. There are a range of activities covered under the term Investment Banking such as selling, trading in stocks and bonds, underwriting or offering financial advice to individuals or companies. Whatever it is, be prepared to work long hours while maintaining an impeccable attention to detail, as one wrong move could lose you millions of dollars.

Working in the finance sector is riddled with risk, uncertainty and responsibility. The uncertain nature of the market means while you’re sleeping, the whole game could change. You may also be held accountable for bad investment decisions and the affects this may have on the lives of innocent investors.

If this challenging lifestyle sounds like something you could handle, you could find yourself working your way up the ranks of this competitive industry, to one-day work with the big names on Wall Street.