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Exporting is considered the opposite of importing; yet, they make use of the same channels of transportation and are subject to many of the same regulations.Importers find and buy goods made overseas to sell to local wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. Importers arrange the transport of goods and services produced internationally into a domestic environment.

Alternatively, exporters prepare and manage the shipments of goods produced domestically to other countries. Usually, importers and exporters work with their buyer to process an order, then they schedule shipment and ensure that all the relevant paperwork has been completed and filed. Some importers and exporters choose to focus on niche goods or markets, whereas others provide services for all types of goods and to all markets.

To work as a successful importer or exporter you need to have a sound knowledge of shipment laws and regulations and also understand how to calculate shipping tariffs. Therefore, people who are thorough and have great attention to detail are well suited to these industries.

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  Seeing the start and finish of a job is what Sharon Pierce finds rewarding about her job as an importer. "I like the fact that... read more »