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Image consultants may do some or all of the following

  • meet with clients for a consultation
  • help clients meet their goals, which includes assessing their lifestyle and work
  • analyse a client's body shape to choose appropriate dress style
  • use coloured drapes to work out the colours best suited to a client's skin tone
  • organise a client's wardrobe
  • go shopping with a client to choose co-ordinated items of clothing
  • work within the client's budget for shopping
  • show and apply the correct shade of make-up for the client
  • advise clients about their body shape, hairstyle, glasses, and accessories
  • attract new clients, which may include preparing presentations, or running workshops for groups or organisations
  • produce newsletters for clients
  • maintain a database of clients.

Image consultants need to have

  • knowledge of fashion and style
  • knowledge of clothing styles that best suit particular body shapes
  • presentation, marketing and business skills
  • knowledge of colour and how it enhances different skin tones 
  • networking skills
  • knowledge of make-up and skincare
  • basic knowledge of hairstyling
  • professional etiquette 
  • knowledge of social and work environments
  • listening and communication skills.

Image consultants need to be

  • analytical, with a good eye for colour and design
  • non-judgemental and able to view things from other people's perspectives
  • able to see the potential in others
  • optimistic
  • discreet and diplomatic
  • confident.