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People are the most important part of any organisation. They need to be hired, looked after and managed according to the employment law set out by the Government. So if you want to make sure everyone is treated fair, with respect, care and attention, huma
Human Resources Officer/Human Resources Manager

People are a strange bunch. We all have our quirks, positive or negative, and any organisation is often a melting pot of personalities. And because of this, having someone to look after all things to do with the employees is an important function for any business.     

From beginning to end, human resource officers and human resource managers are responsible for all staff and personnel matters in an organisation, including the recruitment and selection, commencement and conditions of employment, health and safety, staff training and sometimes, disciplinary action.

Depending on the size of an organisation, an HR officer or HR manager can have a variety of tasks to take care of on any given day, as well as meeting the needs of employees who come to them directly. Often the confidant for employees at an organisation, HR personnel have many people who choose to speak to them about problems they are encountering, so being a good listener is paramount, as well as keeping all information confidential and private.

Communication is paramount for a human resources officer or manager, so you need to be someone who is excellent with both written and verbal interaction, and able to relate to a wide variety of people who will be both internal at an organisation and external service providers.

Understanding employment law is very important; whether it is the basics of standard employment contracts and clauses, to further learning and developing an understanding of the whole area that comes under employment law.

A human resource officer or manager needs to remain impartial to office politics and refrain from ‘taking sides’ where disagreements occur. They also need to always conduct themselves in a manner that is responsible, ethical and trustworthy.      

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