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The role of a health promoter may vary depending on the area they work in. They may work from an office on a computer or travel a lot talking to groups of people. They usually enjoy talking to people about health issues and may come from a community work, medical or teaching background or a combination of these.

Health promoters may do some or all of the following

  • develop policies, strategies and programmes for improving health
  • work with other agencies to co-ordinate health promotion programmes
  • advocate and lobby for health promotion causes
  • work alongside schools and community groups to identify health issues and solutions
  • manage health promotion programmes
  • establish networks in the community
  • write case studies, press releases and media campaigns/advertising material
  • develop promotional and educational material for publication.

Health promoters need to have

  • excellent communication skills
  • planning and project management skills
  • evaluation skills, for assessing how effective their programmes are
  • facilitation and negotiation skills
  • writing skills
  • computer skills.

Health Promoters need to be

  • creative
  • outgoing and confident, with an interest in health improvement
  • able to work with a wide range of people
  • honest and reliable
  • professional with good grooming
  • good communicators who can talk to large groups of people or one-on-one
  • able to motivate others.

Health Promoters need knowledge of

  • different cultural approaches to health
  • the health system and political environment
  • maths and English
  • basic law
  • health and safety
  • community health issues
  • the Treaty of Waitangi and the Ottawa Charter of Health