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Hat makers may do some or all of the following

  • design hats
  • discuss client's requirements and take measurements for made-to-order hats and head wear
  • draw and cut out hat patterns, using pattern paper
  • lay the pattern onto the material
  • cut out the pieces, following the pattern outlines and sew the pieces together
  • mould felt, fabric or straw bodies over hat blocks
  • wire the edge of the brim
  • attach ribbons, labels or other such items to hats
  • sew trims such as flowers and feathers onto the hat.

Hat makers may specialise in one aspect of hat making if they work in a factory.

Hat makers need to have

  • knowledge of hat-making techniques
  • knowledge of hat design
  • knowledge of pattern making
  • knowledge of sewing methods
  • knowledge of different fabrics and materials and how to use them effectively
  • creative ability
  • design and sketching skills
  • cutting, sewing and measuring skills
  • people skills and business skills for running their own business
  • knowledge of how to use and care for equipment
  • a passion for style, colours and texture.

Hat makers need to be

  • imaginative
  • creative
  • patient, with an eye for detail
  • accurate
  • neat and tidy 
  • practical.