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Hairdressers/barbers cut, colour, style and care for clients' hair and scalp. Barbers also shave and trim hair, moustaches and beards. A hairdresser of barber’s main responsibility is ensuring that their clients are happy with their hair. This means hairdressers and barbers need to be good listeners and communicators, able to build rapport with a wide variety of people and able to work well under pressure. Happy customers means repeat business!

Hairdressers may also work for special events. For example, working on the bridal party, which means working on several people at the same time.

Hairdressers and barbers need to be knowledgeable about the tools used in a salon. They need to know how to use them on any type of hair and the effects that they produce. They also need to know about health and safety when working with sharp objects, heat and chemicals. 

Medium_fghjkl_ Brooke Carrington
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