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Graphic Designer » Overview

In a world where art meets technology, graphic designers create visually appealing imagery across a variety of mediums.
Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create artwork for the promotion or development of goods, services and ideas. They may also design artwork and/or layout for fabrics, websites, magazines and other publications, or help to develop television advertisements.

As branding has become imperative for businesses, organisations and individuals alike, there are many interesting sectors in which graphic designers can be involved in. Creating unique and original designs is an exciting and extremely challenging part of a graphic designer’s work, especially in today’s world where there are many mediums where advertising, marketing and information can be presented.  

People use a variety of sources to view entertainment, media and culture, so a graphic designer needs to consider where the end user will be seeing their work and whether it is appropriate for that channel, for example a print advertisement in a magazine would potentially be very different to one viewed on an iPhone, where interaction could occur if required.