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Glaziers are part of the construction industry and may work on newly developed properties from scratch with builders and architects, or may visit existing properties to fix, install or replace glass or mirrors. Glaziers sometimes move into other areas of construction, such as tiling, roofing and bricklaying.


A glazier may do some or all of the following

  • install or replace flat glass (such as windows), glass fittings (such as showers), or glass fixtures (such as splashbacks) in buildings
  • install or replace windscreens in vehicles or boats
  • consult with customers
  • remove and replace broken glass 
  • select, shape and cut glass or mirrors
  • seal the glass using putty, rubber or other sealing products
  • create decorative glass features.

Glaziers need to have

  • skill in preparing (cutting and smoothing) and installing glass 
  • maths and English skills
  • first aid skills
  • good organisational skills
  • good attention to detail
  • good strength and physical fitness
  • ability to work from a height 
  • good communication and people skills. 
  • some artistic flair if they are interested in creating decorative glass features.
  • small business skills, if needed

Glaziers need to be

  • careful and safety-conscious
  • practical, observant and accurate
  • able to follow instructions
  • honest and polite, because they often work on-site at people's homes
  • comfortable with heights.

Glaziers need knowledge of

  • different types of glass and how to work with them 
  • building standards, practices and regulations for glaziers 
  • safety procedures, and health and safety regulations