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General Practitioner » Overview

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General Practitioner

General practitioners diagnose and treat the health problems of individuals and families in the community. They are also involved in screening at-risk groups for diseases such as cervical cancer and diabetes. They consult with and examine patients, diagnose their problems and treat individuals and families over extended periods. They advise on health care and prevention of illness and prescribe and administer medicines.

Usually, general practitioners work indoors in a clinic, but they may also visit people in their homes. They work alongside nurses, surgeons, specialists, administration staff and orderlies and refer their patients to specialists when necessary. They are good at helping people and have compassion for the people who they work with. They work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures and need to be non-judgmental and discreet in their approach. They need to be good at analysing and picking up on symptoms and offering the right treatment options. Their patients put their lives in their hands, so they need to understand this responsibility and work to ensure the best care is taken.