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General labourers assist tradespeople with manual tasks, including lifting and moving equipment and stock. Sometimes labourers are required to do other tasks, such as cleaning, fruit picking, harvesting or working with animals or helping maintain machinery. Many tourists and unskilled workers take on general labouring positions, as they are readily available. General labourers with heavy vehicle licences and skill in a variety of areas have the best chances of finding work.

A general labourer may do some or all of the following

  • help construct or demolish buildings
  • maintain and plant gardens
  • plant and care for forests, vineyards or orchards
  • construct scaffolding
  • dig trenches and lay pipes or cables for drains and other services
  • make and maintain roads, pathways or railways
  • pour and finish concrete
  • receive materials and goods from suppliers
  • build retaining walls and fences
  • perform everyday tasks on farms
  • operate machinery such as mowers or concrete breakers
  • maintain tools and equipment
  • clean up work sites
  • move equipment and materials
  • manage traffic
  • assist with administrative duties
  • prepare or measure building materials

General labourers need to have

  • a range of practical skills
  • skill using and caring for equipment
  • good strength and physical fitness, for heavy lifting
  • organisation and time management skills

General labourers need to be

  • safety-conscious
  • hard-working
  • adaptable
  • observant, with an eye for detail
  • able to follow instructions
  • able to work with a wide range of people.
  • methodical

General labourers need  knowledge of

  • basic building methods and terms
  • worksite safety rules
  • correct lifting techniques
  • maths and English