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Gardeners plant and maintain lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers in public or private gardens and parks. The role will vary daily depending on the employer and the season. In addition, some gardeners specialise in growing fruit, vegetables and herbs, while others specialise in flowers, shrubs and trees. Some gardeners maintain their own garden, raising plants that they sell to distributors or to use in clients’ gardens. 

Medium_df2904889fdf785b15aeba236dfb5d14 George Youngman
Garden Nursery Advisor

A part-time job at a wholesale nursery further developed George Youngman’s  passion for working around and with plants. “Once I... read more »

Medium_richard_burtenshaw_gardener__1_ Richard Burtenshaw

The "howling winds and frosts" of Christchurch winters don’t bother gardener Richard Burtenshaw. Maybe that's because... read more »