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Furniture Packer/Mover

Furniture packers/movers pack and move furniture and equipment between households, offices and storage places. It is important to note that packers/movers tend to work in teams – it’s hard work carrying a couch by yourself! Usually, before they start moving anything, movers will go through their client’s house taking inventory of all items to be relocated. These items will be marked on an inventory list, one copy goes to the client and the movers keep the second copy. Sometimes clients will pay to have their goods professionally packed into boxes, or wrapped in special plastic sheeting to prevent damage. Then, the moving begins. All items are carefully placed in a truck and strapped so they don’t move around during transit. Once they arrive at the intended location, the movers unload the truck and carry the items into the new location. At this point, the client and the movers mark each item off their inventory list, making sure that everything has arrived safe and sound.