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Fork-lift operators may do some or all of the following

  • carry out daily maintenance checks on the fork-lift
  • operate the fork-lift in areas such as warehouses and at wharves
  • position the lifting platform and pick up loads
  • make sure loads are stable and safe
  • drive the fork-lift to the unloading area
  • deposit the loads on the floor, or stack the goods in piles or on shelves
  • refuel the fork-lift
  • move goods by hand
  • issue packing slips
  • fill in paperwork, such as delivery forms, and electronically record the movement of goods
  • repack and distribute goods
  • secure attachments to the forks to lift people or oddly shaped loads
  • ensure their work area is free of oil spills.

Fork-lift operators need to have

  • good driving skills
  • a thorough understanding of the operation and limitations of a fork-lift
  • the ability to judge distances, weights and volumes
  • mechanical skills
  • knowledge of the Code of Practice for Fork-Lift Operators
  • knowledge of the health and safety regulations in their workplace
  • knowledge of the fuel requirements of different fork-lifts including diesel, LPG, CNG (compressed natural gas) and battery-operated models.

Fork-lift operators need to be

  • accurate and careful
  • alert
  • responsible
  • practical
  • able to follow instructions.
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