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Forestry Worker/ Contractor/ Mensuration Officer » Overview

Forestry Worker/ Contractor/ Mensuration Officer

Forestry Worker

Forestry workers do a variety of manual tasks on worksites such as forests, gardens, construction sites and roads. They can specialise in the areas of harvesting and silviculture. Not surprisingly, harvesting forestry work is concerned with harvesting mature trees, whereas silviculture workers plant, prune, thin and release trees in a forest.

Forestry Contractor

Forestry Contractors tend to operate either in harvesting or silviculture. Harvesting contractors employ and supervise one or more harvesting crews, while silviculture contractors organise and supervise a team of silviculture workers to plant seedlings, spray or cut vegetation around trees, prune growing trees and thin young strands.

Forest Mensuration Worker

Forest mensuration workers may either measure standing trees to work out their size and value, or measure logs in the forest, at wharves or sawmills, to ensure that the logs meet client's needs.