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Foresters may do some or all of the following

  • plan and direct forest operations or new forest development, including planting, pruning, forest growth measurement and tree harvesting
  • manage forestry contractors carrying out forest operations
  • manage the business and financial side of forest operations
  • work out the value of forest crops and plan how to meet future demand for wood
  • monitor forest health, security, fire prevention and the effects of forestry activities on the environment.

Foresters need to have

  • an understanding of forestry processes 
  • knowledge of wood, forest products and product development 
  • an understanding of the Resource Management Act and other relevant legislation 
  • knowledge of environmental protection methods 
  • knowledge of forest fire prevention and safety methods 
  • good planning, organisational and problem-solving skills 
  • good communication skills as they deal with a variety of people 
  • management and budgeting skills
  • computer skills.

Foresters need to be

  • adaptable
  • practical
  • responsible and alert
  • assertive.