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There are two main areas of forensic accounting: litigation support and investigative accounting. Litigation support is professional assistance provided during the process of civil trials. A forensic accountant doing this sort of work would most likely be required to assess economic damages in cases such as breach of contract. Alternatively, investigative accounting tends to involve criminal cases (for example, theft or fraud) and a forensic accountant may be called upon to analyse accounting records or deeds and recover missing funds. Forensic accountants may be even work on serious cases such as homicides and investigate financial evidence to discover criminal motive or to trace a wanted person. In fact, the famous American gangster Al Capone was arrested and prosecuted due to the work of a forensic accountant, who discovered his tax crimes.

Forensic accountants need to have:

  • strong communication skills
  • an eye for detail
  • comprehensive accounting knowledge and skills
  • knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations
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