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Food Counter Assistant » Overview

Food Counter Assistant

Food counter assistants prepare, serve and sell fresh food and drinks to customers in delicatessens, cafes, fast food outlets, supermarkets, canteens or snack bars. They may prepare foods such as salads, sandwiches, baked goods as well as meat, fish and chicken and hot takeaway items, such as fries or burgers.

Food counter assistants usually deal with customers on a regular basis, though they may work behind the scenes preparing food from time to time. They are responsible for ensuring food is fresh and kept at a safe temperature, and serving customers in a friendly, timely manner. They may have to answer questions about specific foods, for example some people have special food needs, or they might be vegetarian. Food counter assistants need to know the ingredients and prices of their products to inform their customers. Sometimes food counter assistants are asked to make coffees or to clean.