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Flying instructors are good at teaching and inspiring others and putting them at ease, as flying can be a risky business. They are able to pass on safety techniques to their students and ensure they are safe and their planes are working correctly at all times. They may be called upon to perform light cleaning, maintenance and technical duties from time to time.


Flying instructors may do some or all of the following

  • teach the principles of flight, navigation and weather
  • teach students how to handle aircraft and how to fly during the day, at night and by using navigational instruments
  • teach and follow aviation rules
  • do pre-flight checks on aircraft
  • prepare training programmes
  • test students' skills and knowledge
  • perform administrative duties to help run the school
  • teach qualified pilots about new types of equipment or different aircraft.

Flying instructors need to have

  • excellent flying skills
  • knowledge of the technical and theoretical aspects of flying, including how aircraft fly and aircraft technology
  • teaching skills
  • decision-making skills
  • communication and people skills
  • knowledge of civil aviation rules and laws
  • skill in flight planning and navigation
  • an understanding of how weather can affect flights.

Flying instructors need to be

  • supportive, patient and positive
  • outgoing and friendly
  • able to think logically
  • able to follow procedures and act responsibly
  • able to work well under pressure.

Flying instructors must also have a good level of fitness and health. They are required to undergo a medical exam every year if under 40, and every six months if 40 or older.


Flying Instructors need sound knowledge of these subjects

  • how weather can affect flights
  • civil aviation rules and laws
  • the technical and theoretical aspects of flying, including how aircraft fly and aircraft technology
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