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Flying Instructor

Flying instructors teach people how to fly aeroplanes, helicopters or other aircraft. They teach the principles of flight, navigation and weather patterns and how to handle a variety of flying scenarios and weather events. They show their students how to use the navigational instruments and how to handle aircraft during the day and at night. They are usually very experienced pilots, with a good grasp of flight safety and the rules and regulations surrounding air travel. They may specialise in a particular type of aircraft or work for the air force or run their own business.

Flying instructors enjoy working with people and flying planes on a regular basis. They work in planes and on the ground and are well-versed in the aviation rules, to teach them to their students. They may teach in groups at times and may make presentations or they may tutor one-on-one. They need a working knowledge of aircraft and to be qualified both to fly and to teach others. Flying instructors may work alongside air force, helicopter, plane and jet pilots, trainee pilots and other flight staff. They may have a background in being a pilot or teaching in other areas.

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Flight Instructor

"My dad surprised me with an introductory flight on my 16th birthday, and flying just clicked with me. I didn't plan on having it as a... read more »