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Florists may do some or all of the following

  • treat flowers to extend their life
  • design and put together flowers in bouquets, posies and arrangements
  • design and advise about flowers for functions and special occasions
  • help people choose flowers or plants
  • take and make up orders for flowers
  • write messages on cards
  • deliver or arrange delivery of flower designs
  • look after flowers and indoor plants
  • buy wrap, plants, vases and baskets from sales representatives
  • keep shop displays neat and tidy
  • keep records and accounts
  • sweep and clean the shop of plant debris
  • attend markets and auctions and bid for flowers.

Florists need to have

  • knowledge of flowers and plants
  • the ability to care for and arrange cut flowers
  • up-to-date knowledge of trends in floristry
  • knowledge of Interflora and Teleflora ordering procedures
  • an understanding of business management, basic maths and accounting
  • sales skills
  • excellent communication and people skills
  • planning and organisation skills
  • good literacy skills
  • knowledge of basic first aid and occupational health and safety procedures.

Florists need to be

  • creative and artistic
  • confident
  • adaptable
  • able to relate well to people.

They also need to have a good eye for colour, texture and detail.