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Graduates are able to seek front line customer service roles in the aviations industry. Roles include flight attendant, customer service assistant and contact centre consultant. Employment opportunities for graduates include employers such as Air New Zealand, Air Nelson, Quantas, Jetstar, VIrgin Australia, Menzies Aviation, Emirates and many other airline, travel & tourism companies.


Flight attendants may do some or all of the following

  • look after passengers' comforts, needs and safety during flights
  • check emergency and safety equipment before each flight
  • prepare and check the catering, bar and cabin before each flight
  • greet passengers, help them stow their luggage and check that they are seated safely
  • demonstrate aircraft emergency procedures and safety features to passengers
  • serve and clear away food and drinks
  • hand out, and help passengers complete arrival documentation on international flights
  • keep in contact with other members of the flight crew
  • use their knowledge of first aid to help sick passengers.

Flight attendants need to have

  • knowledge of flight and emergency procedures
  • the ability to operate emergency equipment
  • hospitality skills for serving food and drinks
  • first-aid and medical skills
  • the ability to assist people with special needs, such as young children or people with disabilities
  • organisational and time management skills
  • the ability to give tourists tips and guidance on their stay in New Zealand.

Flight attendants need to be

  • customer-focused and friendly
  • good communicators who can interact well with people from a range of cultures 
  • responsible, practical, and professional
  • able to work well in a team
  • efficient, resourceful and alert.
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